It is reassuring to hear Cumbria's public health director Colin Cox to reveal how the region is prepared for a second wave.

Everything that is going on from a Government level to local authority level seems to be geared at preventing any repeat of the scenes we saw between March and May time.

No one wants to go back into heavy lockdown.

And you'd like to think with all the good work going on at the moment, and the dropping positive figures, we won't go back into that situation.

But like we've seen around Europe, it can happen.

Spikes have been happening all around Europe, and the spikes have even been seen in areas of the UK, although these regions have avoided a full, hard lockdown so far.

But everyone has been warned that it is possible and the Government 'won't hesitate to put the brakes on'.

Apart from wearing masks and people not being allowed to go to events, the large majority of everyday activities that we enjoyed in the pre-Covid world, have gone back to normal.

But that doesn't mean everything is okay, and despite the second wave planning everyone needs to remain vigilant.

The local authority figures aren't sending out these messages for the fun of it.

As they say, things are getting better and that is fantastic. But it isn't gone and we can't act like it has.