We call need a boost in times like this and a bit of a cheer up.

For some it will just be a night out at a friends house, of a few beers down the pub with mates.

Some enjoy going to the cinema and for months they haven't been able to do that, or haven't felt confident enough to go into that environment.

So the announcement this week of Barrow getting its very own drive in cinema will be an excitement to many.

We've seen them popping up around the country in the post lockdown world that we live in.

It is part of the new normal we've heard everyone talking about for so long.

But having these sort of events, that the current generation have never really experienced, is something positive and exciting to come out of the whole situation.

It is an event that people can go to in the current scenario, a place where everyone can feel safe in their own vehicles or sitting socially distanced.

And it is an event that will allow those who are anxious to go out and socialise or get back to normal, to get back to a bit of normality.

Everyone loves a trip to the cinema, but for many it is a something that doesn't come around very often.

If these outdoor events go well, this could be a regular fixture in Barrow and could be a permanent fixture of the 'new normal'.