It has been a re-occurring theme in recent weeks with Cumbria Fire and Rescue Service looking to hammer home fire safety messages on all fronts.

You would think that chimney fires aren't really an issue a lot of the time anymore.

New homes tend to be built with electric fires and without log burners or coal fires, much like we see in older houses.

With that thinking, with new houses being built all the time, many people wouldn't see chimney fires as being a problem.

But they are.

In the South Lakes are alone last year Cumbria Fire Service attended around 40 chimney fires.

Although not many of them were significant and caused harm, these types of fires, as we have heard from fire fighters in recent weeks, have the potential to be very, very dangerous.

Only this week, as you can see in today's Mail, a homeowner suffered a chimney fire and had to call the emergency services.

He was someone who did look after his chimney, but there are others who don't and some are accidents waiting to happen.

By not keeping it in good condition, it not only puts un needed strain on the fire service, but it also puts you and your family serious risk of a serious incident.

The message will be clear throughout the national fire safety week next week. Get it swept!