These past few weeks have thrown up all sorts of emotions when it comes to education, A Level results and GCSE grades.

Students have been through the ringer in the run up to results day, not knowing how things are going to work, and then we had the whole fiasco with the A Level results not being what they should have been.

It has been a stressful time for all, but what students have been told in recent weeks is that shouldn’t get overly worried about everything, it is a unique year and things will work out.

You may have not got what you wanted, but the old motto is to never give up.

That has been highlighted in today’s Mail, with the inspirational story of Jody Wall.

After years of trying Jody finally achieved his elusive GCSE in maths after ten years of resits and exams.

It has taken years of perseverance for Jody to achieve this result, and his story shows that no matter what is thrown at you, you should never give up.

Jody is going on to hopefully have a career in mechanical fitting after his achievement this week.

His story can be one of inspiration for students who haven’t got the results they wanted this week.

If you keep going, try your best and apply yourself as well as you can, then you can get there.

As the famous old saying goes, never give up.