Many issues within society have been highlighted through the Coronavirus pandemic.

They have been very wide ranging, but one of the most serious ones that has come to the forefront in recent months is the dramatic rise in domestic violence cases.

We have heard in the national news for many months that there have been fears violence at home could rise in lockdown, with people confined to their houses for large periods.

The problem has laid bare in an investigation from BBC Panaroma this week.

The investigation found two-thirds of women in abusive relationships have suffered more violence from their partners during the pandemic.

Three-quarters of victims also say the lockdown has made it harder for them to escape their abusers.

It was a joint investigation conducted alongside Women's Aid, and was the first in depth study in the nationwide lockdown impact on victim's of domestic abuse.

The starling statistic was the fact that one domestic abuse call was made to police every 30 seconds during the first seven weeks of lockdown.

But domestic abuse is a problem that was around long before Covid-19.

It takes a lot of courage to speak out about domestic abuse, but as is detailed in today's Mail front page, no one should ever be deterred from speaking out and getting the help they deserve.