It's fair to say the Government has had an awful lot to contend with this year.

The Covid-19 crisis and everything that has come with it is enough to turn Boris Johnson's hair from blonde to pure grey.

Almost daily minister's have had to make big calls, and big calls that a section of society won't like.

We saw that last week with the changes to the travel restrictions for people that were flying back to the UK.

This week we've seen another issue and another questionable fiasco.

The A Level results fall out dominated the news last week and over the weekend, and it won't be going away. It isn't just a handful of disgruntled students who think they've got the wrong result.

This is into the thousands maybe even hundreds of thousands, and it has cast another dark shadow over the decision making of the Government.

The fall out from this situation shows that many of them have been failed.

It is another controversial saga that the Government just does not need at the moment.

And it definitely isn't something that Education Minister Gavin Williamson needs adding to his record.

He was fired from his role as the Defence Minister over an alleged national security breach. Now he is at the centre of one of the biggest educational fallouts for decades.

And this latest issue won't be going away soon.