As we all know the Covid-19 pandemic that continues to impact people all over the world is changing on a daily basis.

For some people across the country, they've decided to bite the bullet and brave the current situation to go off and holiday abroad.

Thousands of Brits have decided that if they can go on their foreign holiday, then they will.

But as last month proved with Spain and this week has proved with other countries, the changing situation means you risk your holiday being cut short at literally the drop of a hat.

Throughout the pandemic we've all been told numerous times by the Prime Minister that he wouldn't hesitate to put the brakes on.

He's certainly slammed the brakes on with the new traveller announcements, flinging all of those on board the bus hurtling into the windscreen.

But the Government has always warned that things like this could happen.

The moves are for the health of the nation.

It really shows that things are changing daily, and if anything, everyone still needs to be as prepared as ever for anything. We are still being urged not to be complacent because the virus is still having an impact.

Things are beginning to return to some sort of normality, but that the full normal hasn't arrived yet. We can't be complacent.