Many, many people have suffered from the Covid-19 outbreak. It has had negative impacts on so many folk across society, but last weekend in the Lake District we began to see a few positives re-emerge from the dark virus shadows.

A number of businessmen and women have reported an increase in tourism, with day trippers and walkers flocking to the area and spending money in local shops.

Many have never had to endure the tough financial hardship that Covid is presenting, so the weekend’s ray of sun shine is hopefully a sign of things to come for the rest of the summer.

As more people come back out and get the confidence to go about their everyday lives again, hopefully Cumbria’s business owners will enjoy more fruitful weekends before the bad weather hits.

But as we keep being told through government advertising and messages from ministers, this virus has not gone away and people still need to remain vigilant.

There is a balance to be struck. Tourism brings a great boost to the area for a host businesses including pubs, cafes, hotels and food vendors.

But it can also cause unsavoury sights. The people who are coming to the Lake District are helping the area, but then a small minority are letting themselves down by failing to complete the simple task of putting rubbish in a bin. Don’t be one of those.