STUDENTS at Ulverston Victoria High School have had a good year despite the tough situation they have been put through due to Coronavirus - with 77 per cent being accepted by their first choice university.

It was a strange day for all students up and down the region - with results being given from predicted grades after the academic year was curtailed.

UVHS teachers offered their congratulations to students, adding they ‘hope that they are just as proud of their achievements as we are.’

The school confirmed that an impressive 77 per cent of their year 13 students hoping to go to university next year had been accepted into their first-choice university.

Many others are either accepted into their second choice or are considering alternative offers.

A significant number of students have also qualified to take up highly sought after degree apprenticeships with international, national and local organisations.

Headteacher Matthew Hardwick said: “Although the achievement of these results by our students feels very different to normal due to the exceptional circumstances, and no examinations being taken, we should remember that this year’s year 13 worked just as hard as in previous years, and their grades will take them just as far.

"We are very proud of each and every one of them as they should be of themselves.”

The students were informed of their results digitally as they were not allowed to go into the school due to the concern around Coronavirus.