AFTER a debate was sparked around whether Cumbria should capitalise on a possible nudist tourism boom - The Mail’s readers have weighed in with their concerns.

Around a dozen naturists did away with their shorts, t-shirts and dresses as they stripped to their birthday suits at an organised event at Roanhead Beach recently.

The nudists were also seen topping up their tans on nearby Walney Beach.

This is what our readers had to say on the matter.

Sarah Hill said: “Why do nudists always seem to be old and wrinkly. I don’t want my kids seeing some blokes shrivelled prunes or some woman’s deflated balloons as we are walking along the beach trying to enjoy a family day out.”

Anna-Alicia Parker said: “Not a chance! I do not want to come across naked people when I take my dog and young children out for walks away from popular areas."

Paul Gibson said: “Walked past a bunch of them on Roanhead Beach last Saturday. Not what I was expecting at all.”

Angela McIlvogue added: “They should have been arrested, it is a public beach not a designated nudist beach!”

Barbara Wright said: “Roanhead sand dunes have always been a hot spot for nudists. That was 60 years ago.”

Not all our readers were against them coming to the area though.

Claire Coram said: “If they wanna get naked on a secluded beach, let them crack on.”

Darren Atkinson said: “It’s not an offence. It only becomes an offence if someone is alarmed or distressed by it."

The idea was floated by Ron O’Hare, a semi-retired window cleaner, who has been practicing naturism for over 20 years.