Rose Campbell said: "This is why I'm scared to go out, people don't seem to take notice, I see photos on here all the time from the lakes and other areas it's so depressing. Why would you want to put yourselves in danger? Try and stay safe everyone."

Ange O'Halloran said: "But according to the numbers on the HMRC webpage, Barrow's only had three cases since June 26th, so hopefully we can keep it out of the town."

Glenn Athersmith said: " Ange O'Halloran nearest testing is Preston or Penrith. Be more if there was at Furness General Hospital in my opinion."

Jake Wade said: " Test more people you are going to find more cases, so look at two weeks ago for argument's sake ten people tested, one had it. Fast forward two weeks 1000 people are tested ten people have it, oh look it's jumped up ten fold in two weeks but they forget to tell you that it's one in every 100 rather than one in ten. Easy way get a headline in a paper, scare people and falsify figures if you ask me."

Dave Baker said: "Bet it's lake District with all its visitors infecting locals."

Micky Jerry said: "And there surprised WHY have they seem some of the hotspots like Bowness, Ambleside, Grasmere, Keswick"

Liz Dixon said: " Not surprised the number of visitors in Grange and Bowness."

Notfarwrong said: " 'Ee are pleased to see both Carlisle and Eden as two of the highest areas for the number of tests being carried out in England." '

"There you go. More testing equals more positive results of this mostly asymptomatic, low consequence disease.

Worth destroying the economy, cancelling people's cancer operations, destroying civil liberties and euthanising the elderly over? I think not."

Matthew Straume said: "Do second lockdown."

Lord elpuss said: "No wonder when you see all the visitors in the lakes that are not distancing."