These are strange times for everyone and students up and down the country and the county will be facing their own strange experience today.

Covid-19 has curtailed everything, from holidays to football seasons, festivals and gigs. But for students the most important inconvenience caused to them has been their exam results.

School children have been out of the classroom for many weeks now, meaning thousands have missed out on sitting exams they had been working so hard towards all year.

For some students in various age groups, they would have seen the early cancellation of school as a chance to have an extended summer holiday. Others will have been disappointed to see all the hard work throughout the year fall away.

Predicted grades will be given to students today, and this week the Government announced a triple lock system that will allow students to appeal, or sit exams later in the year.

And the Education Minister apologised to every student for the disruption caused. Like always it will been a tense day for many, and good luck goes out to all students across the county.

Some students will have aspirations to go to university. Some will get what they want.

For those who don't get the marks they are after, don't panic, it's not the end of the world.