Sellafield has revealed it will take a number of days to reinstate the site’s steam supply after the plant was placed into a “safe shutdown”.

The nuclear facility has been placed into a “safe shutdown” after adverse weather overnight resulted in power dips, which caused loss of steam supplies.

Many processes at the site are reliant on steam, including moving of nuclear materials.

Some welfare facilities including some showers, hot water and heating are also currently impacted by the problems.

A company spokesman said: “The Sellafield site has lost steam supplies following a power dip caused by adverse weather overnight.

“Recovery works are underway to return the supply of steam as soon as possible.

“As a precaution site operations have been placed into safe shutdown.

“The status of the site remains normal and site-based personnel have been asked to report to work as normal.

“Our priority is to maintain the safety and security of the site.”

The company is anticipating it will take “a number of days” to reinstate the steam supply.

Members of staff are being asked not contact the site shift manager.

The Sellafield Ltd Information Line has been updated - 0845 055 1233 - (calls will cost 57 pence per minute from a landline).