Barrow Insider said: "Well done Dave and Clare Edwards! Cummings clearly undermined the national effort to fight Coronavirus.

" He is currently above the law but this should not be the case."

Robin Jameson said: "And what of the cops around Barrow seen mingling in street parties to ABBA? What of all the people going to beaches and parks, what of the BLM marches?"

nosensenononsense said: "None of whom were present at SAGE meetings, nor influencing policy on Covid 19 response."

Robin Jameson said: "But they're the ones enforcing the laws and handing out fines? Yeah they're not on SAGE or influencing policy but surely they still have a role to play in proving a positive role model?"

Peter Lord said: "So they say they saw him and that's all the proof you need for it to be true."

Notfarwrong said: "Guilty until proven innocent eh?"

Barrow Insider said: "And another thing. Why's he sticking his tongue out at the British public in the photo?"

Robin Jameson said: "Think you're looking into that a bit much there."

Cromwell58 said: "He made an error do not give this couple their minute of fame."

Wheatgerm said: "Ohh please I was in lockdown for 16 weeks.

"The people I saw abusing the lockdown was unbelievable.

"Its just unbelievable how people like to be centre of attention. I didn't report the people I saw not once, but three times jogging or on their bikes.

"If I saw any body that is in high profile I wouldn't report them

Hermes10 said: "Have the police nothing better to do? They said that it was a "minor breach". Should come to Barrow and see what those who don't even know what a virus or social distancing is."