A GROUP of youths were reportedly throwing cans and rocks from the roof of a multi storey car park in Barrow.

Police are appealing for information after a member of the public reported seeing youths throwing cans and rocks from the roof of Portland Walk car park.

The incident reportedly took place on Monday evening around 8.25pm.

The group of youths made off before police officers arrived at the scene.

A spokeswoman for Cumbria Police said: "At 8.25pm on Monday August 3, a member of the public reported youths throwing cans and rocks from the roof of the multi storey.

"The police attended but the youths had made off.

"No further complaints were reported to the police."

The incident follows a spate of anti-social behaviour which has taken place on the roof of Portland Walk car park including a paint attack orchestrated by youths in January.

Police launched an investigation after two youths threw tins of paint off Debenhams car park in Portland Walk which landed on members of the public.

The attack was condemned by community leaders as 'disappointing'.

Bill McEwan, Barrow Borough Councillor, said there needs to be a 'crackdown' on anti-social behaviour on the car park roof.

He said: "We definitely need a crackdown.

"I nearly got covered in paint a few years ago when someone was throwing paint off the top of it.

"Anti-social behaviour has really upped its game in the last couple of months since lockdown and something has got to be done to get a grip of it.

"It's highly dangerous to throw stuff off the top of the car park -it could kill someone."

Cllr McEwan said installing CCTV cameras may work as a deterrent against anti-social behaviour.

He said: "It's hard to monitor it because by the time police get there, these youths are gone. I think CCTV could be a good idea to reduce crime. If police could coordinate with Debenhams about installing cameras, it could be workable as a deterrent."