Your article in July 24’s edition of The Mail - ‘Bridge plans are senseless’ - focused on objections to the proposed scheme by the Furness Line Action Group (FLAG).

The group, at least in the article, fails to mention that the main thrust for the scheme is renewable energy that is reliable and predictable.

That it also offers an opportunity to improve connectivity with Cumbria’s blighted west coast is not to be derided.

A road across Morecambe Bay could help significantly to revitalise failing industry and help greatly to remove traffic from the very busy, poorly equipped and accident-prone A590 (right) between the M6 and Barrow, part of which runs through the National Park.

I recall, that in 1974 my O-Level geography project was on the feasibility of a Morecambe Bay barrage.

Things have moved on in the past 46 years and the need for clean sustainable energy is now far more pressing.

FLAG would appear to be a classic single-issue campaign group, and so its response is predictable, but a barrage project has a much wider and sustainable vision that should not be shunted, once again, into the sidings.

Perhaps FLAG should campaign for a rail link to be incorporated into the scheme.

Paul Flint

Lickbarrow Road, Windermere