A MIDWIFE has shared her 'top seven tips' to help mums feel more comfortable and confident breastfeeding in public.

Marley Hall has made the advice public to coincide with National Breastfeeding Week, which runs until Sunday, August 9.

The first thing she suggests is to go out with other breastfeeding mothers, now lockdown has ended for most people, who can help new mothers gain confidence before going it alone.

Ms Hall also advises mums to know their rights (breastfeeding is legally permitted in public places across the UK), to plan an outfit accordingly beforehand and to always have a drink and snacks on hand (she says breastfeeding can be thirsty work).

She advises women to focus on the moment and not to be fazed by the experience if someone watches you feeding.

Although it is unusual to be questioned in this day and age, having pre-prepared response to queries can bring confidence, knowing that there is a plan for dealing with the hypothetical scenario, Ms Hall says.

Finally, she says that practice makes perfect. A good latch is vital and only comes with time.