Millom Amateur Operatic Society’s production of Kiss Me Kate in 1990 turned into an impromptu outdoor performance at the dress rehearsal – thanks to a power cut.

Cast members moved on to the green next to the Millom Palladium with mirrors, greasepaint and costumes when an electricity blackout left the inside of the Palladium in darkness.

Society member Andrea Morodny said: “The power went off at five minutes past eight in the morning and we were due to start rehearsing at 12.30pm.

The Mail:

“We all had to get made up outside and we went through a few of the dance numbers outside. It was a nice day, fortunately, although we did have to go inside later in the afternoon because it started to rain.

“The lights came back on in Millom at 4pm, so we were able to carry on with the dress rehearsal inside after that.

“It must have made quite a colourful sight because we all had out brightly-coloured leotards and things on, practising the steps outside.”

The Mail:

Despite the inconvenience the dress rehearsal went well. “It was a bit different at first but, then, theatre used to be performed in the open air!” said Andrea.

The Cole Porter musical Kiss Me Kate, based on Shakespeare’s The Taming of the Shrew, was a first for Millom Amateurs. Costumes had been hired from Stratford and Newcastle.

The choreographer was Pippa Rothwell, the producer was Bridget Ford and Anthea Bremner wielded the baton.

The Mail:

David Aspden played Petruchio/Fred, the actor director of the company, while Lynne McQuire played Katherine.

In 1992 Millom Amateur Operatic Society’s chose one of Broadway’s best-known shows when they opted for the ever-popular South Pacific.

Director Bridget Ford said that local audiences liked the old favourites.

The Mail:

The Mail played tribute to scene artist Deborah Mandell for the backdrops and Fred Hobbs for constructing a first class set.

Lynne McQuire was in the lead role as Nellie Forbursh with Emile played by Peter Rushton. Other cast members included Angela Lupton, Dave Aspden, Roy Cartner, Emma Wilson and Anthony Dixon.