Sandy Felton said: "I like it, it definitely needs a make over. Barrow would definitely benefit."

Sam Atkinson said: "That looks much better, it would be great to get a street food area like Leeds market."

Susan Kent said: "We could do with a decent outdoor market. Ours is pathetic."

John Wadsworth said: "Personally I think that the money should be used to subsidise rents which would attract new tenants... And also on free parking which would attract shoppers."

Tony Moon said: "Please do not waste any money on the market."

Jose Fallows said: "It is dark and dismal at the moment."

Stephen Snell said: "No it's far too open."

Stephen Gibson said: "Make it like the Borough market that is in London and then you will get lots of people flocking to sample the food and buy stuff."

Michael Mckinley said: "It's walking through the slums of India in the market..."

Neil Picthall said: "Love it."

Joanne Jacobs said: "Looks very modern, we can hope."

Donna Semple said: "Yes looks great we need to move with the times."

Dawn Mckellar said: "If they get this money can they please consider installing a changing place facility for disabled people. Disabled toilets are not suitable for many disabled people, and even Barrow and District Disability Association (BDDA) are not interested in installing one. We are in desperate need of a central changing place facility."

Chi Wong said: "Yes will need new generation 2020, need next 50 year new generation."

Neil Probert said: "Town centres across the country have been going steadily downhill for some considerable time. Why do local authorities wait until the faeces has hit the fan before doing anything whatsoever?"

John Alison said: "New saddle, old bike."