MAIL readers had a lot to say about the news that plans have been submitted to turn an area of derelict land in Barrow town centre into a Wetherspoons beer garden.

The proposals would see the empty land left by the demolition of the former registry office in Abbey Road converted into a outdoor space for the Furness Railway Pub, besides there being space for a new car park behind the beer garden.

The proposed space for the new Wetherspoons project has been empty since the historic former registry office in the town was demolished over fears it could collapse.

The national pub chain has now revealed plans for the beer garden, which include a canopy to cover the drinking area and as many as eight car parking spaces.

Debbie Grundill: It’s a shame, as that side of the street doesn’t get the sun in the afternoon.

David Coulthurst: I like what they have done with the place.

Caroline Atkinson: This is a great idea, as the county one was a loss.

Gary Harvey: Glen Moore, we’re on it.

Glen Moore: Gary Harvey, gerrin’...I got married there on that plot of land. Everyone, let’s raise a drink to our Jackie!

Paul Roketzky: Christina Westwood, there’s plenty of room on that site for a new beer garden in the town.

Christina Westwood: Paul Roketzky, I hope you’re right - as I really hope this project can finally go ahead now. You’re right, there is room there and it needs to happen.