FIRE crews were called out to a number incidents across Barrow including reports of a person trapped inside a house.

It was a busy night for Barrow and Ulverston crews as firefighters responded to three calls out across Wednesday evening.

The most serious of which was a house fire in School Street with reports that a person was trapped inside the property.

Crews arrived at the scene at 6.04pm after a neighbour reported seeing smoke from the window.

Jon Griffiths, group manager for Cumbria Fire and Rescue, said firefighters could not determine whether someone was still inside and forced their way in.

He said: "A neighbour told us they had seen smoke coming out the back window and a firefighter saw what looked like flames.

"We couldn't determine whether a person was inside so forced our way in using a saw and lockstopper.

"We discovered a small fire in the kitchen caused by a candle.

"When we searched the property no one was at home."

Mr Griffiths is urging residents to never leave candles or incense burners unattended.

"Although this was minimal damage, it could've been more serious," he said.

"Never leave things unattended which have the potential to catch fire and spread."

Crews were also called out to a false alarm on Yarlside Road after a resident was burning items in his garden as well a a small fire in the open in Blake Street at 9.35pm.

Mr Griffiths is urging the public not to set refuse alight which has the potential to spread and endanger lives.