RESIDENTS have one last chance to save dozens of public payphones put forward for removal.

More than 45 payphones could be removed from towns and villages across South Cumbria if objections are not put forward before the consultation closing date of October 11.

Among those currently projected for removal are nine payphones in the Ulverston area, including ones on North Lonsdale Road, Bouth and Lowick Bridge.

Broughton, Kirkby, Coniston, Ambleside, Grange, Windermere and Kendal have also been named as areas proposed to lose a number of payphones.

The majority of payphones put forward for removal are not used more than twice a month.

However, the payphone opposite McDonald’s on Stricklandgate in Kendal is used on average 60 times a month.

The current stance of South Lakeland District Council is that none of the payphones should be removed unless a community actively agrees to its removal or a community would like to adopt the phone box and change its use.

Mark Wilson, a South Lakeland district councillor, said the payphones cost a significant amount of money to maintain.

He said: “This is a last bit of consultation now until the final decision is made.

“Everyone has a mobile phone these days so the payphones just aren’t used like they used to be.

“Payphones are very maintenance heavy and cost a lot of money to continue to maintain, especially if no-one is using them.

“If someone seriously needs a payphone close to their home or does not own a mobile phone, they should put their opinion forward for consideration.

“I will always champion phone boxes which are genuinely needed. This is people’s last chance to save them.”