MAIL readers had a lot to say about the closure of Barrow’s Marks and Spencer on Dalton Road. Closing its doors this week for the final time, customers flocked to the central retailer to buy goods on the store’s last day of trading after 109 years.

Sharon Smith: Wasn’t overly impressed with the Ulverston store. It’s a shame the Barrow one closed as it was a good big store.

Tania Dermody: I thought the new one was lovely. Why are people so negative? Obviously the Barrow one wasn’t paying.

Carol Haslam: It may be lovely, but it’s no good if you don’t have the transport to get to Ulverston. Not everybody is that lucky.

Helen Grave: Nice. We have one in Ulverston. It’s great for food. I haven't been in it yet, but I’m worried I’ll miss all the nice things for gifts at Christmas.

James Samson: If Ulverston Town Council get their way, they will kill it as they will get the site pedestrianised...

Dave Baker: They shouldn’t have been allowed to shut it and open up a new one like they did.

Joan Stewart: What is sad is that it will probably help kill Ulverston’s unique shopping qualities too, as Aldi and Tesco are already there. The things that make Ulverston so lovely will gradually disappear as they have done in Barrow.

Sandy Felton: Barrow has four Tescos, two Aldis, an Asda, a Morrisons and several Co-ops. Ulverston has a Tesco, a Booths and an Aldi - all selling anything from food, clothing, mobile phones, booze and fuel. Who in their right mind would try to open an independent shop in this area. The high street is finished with the internet thrown into the equation. What would you open on Dalton Road that people would use, and you could make a living from.

Daphne Quinn: Well, obviously not enough people spent enough money there. How many people have a walk around, but don’t buy anything? It’s not there for exercise, nor for anything else now.