A DAD and his daughter who stumbled on a discarded tent took it upon themselves to clean up 'the festival site'.

Kingsley Jones and daughter Freya discovered the debris while walking their dog near the River Rothay in Ambleside.

Mr Jones, who is a team member at Langdale and Ambleside Mountain Rescue, said the litter louts had left around £200 worth of kit.

“We saw a tent that had its door open,” said Mr Jones.

“We went towards it and it looked empty.

"The ground was covered in tissues and bottles.

“It looked like a festival site really, it had been completely abandoned.”

Mr Jones said his wife had seen some people heading out in the area with tents the night before.

The Good Samaritans discovered the rubbish the next day.

Concerned by the amount of glass and litter, Mr Jones began cleaning up the site.

“I had surgical gloves in my pocket for mountain rescue so I put those on and cleared up the glass, loo roll and packed away the tent,” said Mr Jones.

“It took about an hour.”

Mr Jones shared his pictures online to raise awareness about the ongoing littering problems seen recently in the Lake District.

The public reacted angrily to another example of severe littering in the area.

“I got it when during lockdown people wanted to get out, but campsites are open now and the facilities are there,” said Mr Jones.

“It’s the waste as well, they’d left about £200 worth of kit.”

Mr Jones said it was becoming a common occurrence and was happening in many places across the county as well as the UK as a whole.

“It’s happening almost every week, maybe every ten days or so,” he said.

“It has been happening a lot at Angle Tarn for example.”

Only last month The Westmorland Gazette reported an entire tent containing towels and rubbish had been left at the tarn.

“Police are stretched and they can’t police everywhere,” said Mr Jones.

“There’s just a lot of frustration about why people are doing this.

“And at least if they’d been on a campsite, no problem, the facilities are there for them to have a good time, go to the toilet, dispose of their rubbish.

“They could have at least thrown it all in a bin."