AN EX-postmistress who was the victim of a nationwide scandal has reached the crowdfunding target to allow her group legal campaign to be considered by the Parliamentary Ombudsman.

70-year-old Isabella Wall, who worked at the Bowness Road Post Office in Barrow for 23 years - first as postmistress, then as a shop assistant at the post office’s convenience store - was one of hundreds of people caught up in the faulty Horizon IT systems scandal.

Workers were left destitute and branded criminals by the Post Office as a result.

Last month, one MP told the House of Commons that the scandal ‘may well be the largest miscarriage of justice in our history’.

Mrs Wall said her campaign needed to raises £96,000, as they seek to ensure the case reaches the Parliamentary Ombudsman.

The campaign group - which consists of 555 people, including Mrs Wall - has now hit the target and is now sitting on around £108,000, according to the Barrow resident and former postmistress.

“This is to get the costs back, which we should have had in the first place,” she explained.

The 555 claimants have been forced to foot a £47 million litigation bill for its case with the Post Office.

The Government has promised an inquiry of some kind into the scandal. But Mrs Wall and hundreds of other post office workers say they want a judicial inquiry into the matter.

“This is the quickest and most effective way to get the thing sorted,” Mrs Wall argued.

“And we feel this is more likely now it seems the Parliamentary Ombudsman is on board.

“We don’t want things to be swept under the carpet, which we fear it will be if we go down the other avenues suggested.”

Mrs Wall believes hundreds of other post office workers are still to come forward with individual cases relating to the scandal.

A judicial inquiry would mean that Post Office managers - none of whom have yet been charged - could be indicted.

Mrs Wall added: “I’m very grateful for all the support we’ve had locally and further afield.

"People clearly want justice to be served.”