Yet another nuclear warhead convoy was spotted travelling northbound through north Lancashire and Cumbria on Monday.

This is the fourth nuclear warhead convoy seen travelling between the Atomic Weapons Establishment, Burghfield and the Coulport base in less than three months.

Indeed, this is the second convoy spotted this month.

These convoys carry deadly cargoes which place us all in danger. They should not be on our roads. They should not be driving past our homes. They should not be driving past our children’s schools.

It is time for them to stop. Official statistics reveal that convoys used to transport nuclear weapons and radioactive waste suffered 40 safety lapses in just five years (2014 to 2019).

It is shocking that Cumbrian and Lancashire roads are regularly used by military convoys with nuclear warheads on board, and any safety lapse should cause us major concerns.

We need to take nuclear weapons off our roads and to scrap them altogether.

Philip Gilligan, on behalf of Cumbria and Lancashire Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament