IT has been a hard few months for everyone.

Many thousands of people have been put on furlough with more losing their jobs completely - leading to financial worries up and down the country.

Social distancing restrictions have led to people feeling alone and isolated as they have been unable to visit friends and family.

Experts nationally have spoken of their fears about the pandemic’s impact on mental health.

And it appears to have taken its toll here in Cumbria.

According to Cumbria County Council, the average annual number of deaths which were attributable to suicide in the county between 2016 and 2018 was 55.

Yet so far this year Cumbria has seen 45 suspected suicides.

So far in July alone, there have been 12 according to Andy Slattery, Cumbria Constabulary’s Assistant Chief Constable.

Although we do not know the reasons why people took that step to end their lives, it is likely coronavirus and the resulting lockdown played a part in them making that tragic decision.

Sadly in Barrow far too many people have taken their lives in recent years - which promoted The Mail to launch its Time to Talk campaign.

There is support out there - you just have to ask for it.