Businesses are being given the chance to take on skilled science and technology students as interns.

Lancaster University says it has a pool of 4200 students available to work with employers in Cumbria.

Professionals from the university’s science and technology partnerships and business engagement team, as well as academic staff, help arrange partnerships designed to benefit both employers and students.

Students have knowledge and skills in areas such as chemistry, computing and communications, cyber-security, engineering, environmental science, maths and statistics, physics, and psychology.

Pam Pickles, student employability manager at Lancaster University’s Faculty of Science and Technology, said: “We have a strong track-record of delivering solutions for external partners as well as helping to ensure our talented students gain quality additional experience and skills that will be invaluable for when they complete their studies and begin their careers.

“Internships are available all year round and are flexible in duration. Many organisations use internships during the summer months when students can more readily commit their time.”

Internships cost employers £1400 a month, plus VAT, which is paid to the students as a wage.

Employers can find out more on the university’s website.