THE number of complaints made against licence holders including taxi drivers and pubs has been revealed.

A report presented before councillors showed how many had been lodged against venues as well a number of other licence holders in Barrow.

Members of Barrow Council’s licensing committee were shown the figures, which stretched between February and June, before a recent meeting.

Among all the licensees in the borough, the most complaints were made against licensed premises.

There were 13 made in those four months.

The second highest number of complaints were made against taxi drivers, with a total of 12.

Six complaints were also made in relation to six private hire vehicles in the area.

The report, which summarised the council’s enforcement activity, said: “There is a need to ensure that the policies and procedures for determining licences are consistent and fair to avoid legal challenge.

“The decision must be taken in the interests of public safety and should be fair, reasonable, proportionate and in accordance with human rights and natural justice principles.

“In particular, Sections 51(1) and 59(1) of the Local Government Act 1976 provides that the council must assess whether individuals’ are suitable persons to hold a drivers’ licence be it hackney carriage or private hire.”

Among the 41 complaints made in total in the four month period were ones relating to animal welfare, charitable collections, scrap metal collectors and street trading.

The council said 40 of the complaints passed to the authority were resolved informally or resulted in no further action being taken.

The report said a complaint relating to animal welfare required emergency action under the Animal Welfare Act.

It said an investigation, in conjunction with the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, was in the process of being carried out.

The report also revealed the number of licences granted and refused by council officers between February and the end of June.

It said there were 91 Hackney carriage and private hire drivers licences granted or renewed.

Of the licences suspended, nine came after the licence expired and three came after Disclosure and Barring Service check certificates into criminal records came also ran out.

One application for a taxi licence was refused by licensing chiefs at the council.