A Barrow-based art group is offering a is planning a series of online tours and talks that delve into the planning and social history of the town.

The artist-led research and production company, Art Gene, is behind the project, titled 'Extreme Views - Armchair Walks'.

Its first event - a virtual tour of Barrow Park, framing a discussion of civic space and the role of public parks within that context - is scheduled for this Wednesday, July 29.

The second planned tour and talk, scheduled for the following Wednesday, explores the green corridor near the old Grammar School (now part of Furness Academy) leading on to Lesh Lane.

The third and final online event of the series looks at the Lesh Lane area itself as an unused ‘SLOP’ (Space Left Over After Planning) that contains a natural wetland.

Each scheduled event runs from 5:30pm to 6:30pm.

All of the planned events are free, although organisers stress that booking is essential. For full information about all the speakers and to book, go to: www.art-gene.co.uk.