ARNSIDE theatre nurse Lesley Young-Ewen has undergone a lockdown makeover and is now sporting a ‘Covid Cut-Off’ to raise money in aid of a cancer treatment centre in the North West.

Ms Young-Ewen, 57, who works at Fulwood Hall Hospital in Preston, shed her locks to raise more than £1,000 for charity Rosemere Cancer Foundation.

Post-chop, she said: “My workplace is a small, private hospital.

"I normally look after patients undergoing hip, knee and cateract surgery but since lockdown, we have been working in partnership with the NHS to provide cancer surgery.

“I have since met lots of patients undergoing treatment for prostate cancer at Rosemere Cancer Centre, who have come to us for their surgery, so my new look is really a show of support for them and the work being done at the cancer centre.”

Two doctors at Fulwood Hall Hospital suggested that Lesley fundraise for Rosemere Cancer Foundation to boost the support the charity provides to those undergoing treatment at local hospital cancer units across South Cumbria, including the units at Westmorland General Hospital.

Lesley, who is a member of the Arnside Amblers, Ramblers & Scramblers walking group, also said: “The charity’s work just melted my heart as did all the donations I have received from family, friends and colleagues.

"My mum, who is 87 and in Newport, raised £100 from among her friends. People have been so lovely."