Amateur dramatic group the Ulverston Outsiders entertained plenty during their performances at Coronation Hall and they even gave The Mail a mention during one production.

During 'A Chorus of Disapproval' in 1990, Neil Metcalfe, replaced his character Ian Hubbard's line 'Have you seen tonight's paper?' with 'Have you seen tonight's Evening Mail?'

It gave the paper its stage debut, over 90 years after its first publication, and it came about after Mr Metcalfe had contacted The Mail to see if they could come up with a mock edition, with the announcement of a firm's closure as its front page splash.

The Mail:

The show ran for four days, with the audience on its first night enjoying the humour of the play's writer Alan Ayckbourn.

The Outsiders clearly liked the idea of 'a play within a play' as the plot was about a provincial amateur dramatic society trying to produce The Beggar's Opera.

The Mail:

The group stuck with this theme in 1992, although they were hoping any disasters were behind them by the time rehearsals were out the way for Noises Off.

The cast rehearsed in the society's unheated barn in Urswick with their newly-built set and were left 'freezing cold' during their photocall for the show.

The Mail:

The Outsiders went all Shakespearean in 1990 for their production of A Midsummer Night's Dream, which was directed by Neil Metcalfe and Neil Curry, which colourful and inventive costumes, props, lighting and sound design.