WEARING masks in shops and supermarkets became mandatory for the first time in England yesterday.

Barrow’s High Street had a healthy flow of visitors showing that the new legal requirement had not put them off going shopping.

Many people could be seen strolling around town with the mask firmly on, whilst others chose to carry them whilst going in between each shop.

Children were even spotted sporting brightly coloured masks despite not being required by law to do so.

Shop doorways had a variety of signs warning customers that they would need to be wearing a face mask before entering the stores.

One butchers, N.C. Meats, dressed up their statue with a face mask as a polite reminder to customers that they will need to follow the social distancing rules.

Scott Hayton, a shop worker for the British Red Cross said: “They (the shoppers) are all going in with masks. Nobody is moaning about it.

“It is safer and more people will come in, especially now the weather is better too."

Mr Hayton guarded the doorway to the store, ensuring that nobody would enter without a mask, and controlling the number of people that are inside the charity store at any given time.

Alan, owner of Got It Covered, in the ginnel, said: “Everyone is abiding by the rules and wearing the masks.

“Some people walk in the store and forget about the mask so they run out to stick it on before coming back in again.

“Some people might have a moan about it but we always need something to moan at.

“I don’t think that it will deter anyone from coming out to the shop.”