So the tourists are back, welcome one and all, let’s kick start the economy.

Some though still have the words “isolate” and “bubble” on their minds, and not in a helpful way.

So these bubbles block the pavements, apparently expecting single folk to brave the remorseless traffic.

Then they decide to go shopping.

Judging by the queues outside Booths in Windermere, some bubbles are reluctant to burst even if it helps other folk who aren’t taking a holiday from common sense.

So I’d like to suggest two lines outside shops.

One for single shoppers should have priority.

One for isolated bubbles.

Perhaps this would nudge the latter into deciding on their list and dispatching a member to get it, rather than ambling up the aisle discussing the evenings menu.

Individual decisions can make life easier for everyone.

Then we can really welcome back one and all.

Trevor Jones

Craig Walk, Windermere