We've previously highlighted in this paper the many heartwarming, life-affirming actions taken by charitable people throughout the coronavirus lockdown.

It feels as though communities have come together, in hope and in grief, to ensure the continuation of the human spirit through a terrible and unprecedented global pandemic.

Communities that once felt as though they were drifting apart, due to alienation, a brain drain of our youngest residents, and social isolation, are now feeling closer than ever before.

It is therefore disappointing to once again report on the actions of a few who damage this new-found community cohesion.

As we report on page seven of today's Mail, litter bugs are taking advantage of our new freedoms to spoil beauty spots on Walney. Previously, we've reported how similar incidents have been occurring in the Lake District, particularly in the tourist hotspots.

The littering issue in Walney, however, rankles a little bit more because this is unlikely to be the work of an ignorant tourist - it is much more likely to be people from the community who have decided that common courtesy does not apply to them.

They're not just spoiling the area, they're spoiling the goodwill and community spirit we've worked so hard to build.