SOUTH Cumbria arts bodies have not yet announced new drama or live performance plans, after a Government announcement that will allow more entertainment venues to reopen to the public next month.

On Friday, Number 10 announced that audiences would be able to return to indoor theatres, music and performance venues from Saturday, August 1.

Centres will be allowed to host drama productions again, so long as they observe the following guidelines; reducing venue capacity; moving ticket sales online; signalling physical distance rules and schedule changes clearly; performers socially distance.

The Forum did not publish any plans for new events on Friday. The Brewery Arts Centre in Kendal said it still aims to reopen in September.

Commenting on Friday's announcement, Cllr Helen Wall said: “The arts have been hit particularly badly by the pandemic and I really feel for all those working in the sector.

“We only have a few theatres in this area. We really need them and they work really hard.

“Opening theatres is really difficult in terms of logistics and financial viability. They’re damned if they do and damned if they don’t.

“In theory, I would welcoming some reopening of theatres but in practice I don’t know whether it’s safe. I think it could be a tad early to make the announcement when we don’t really know yet what the effects are of reopening everything else they already have done.

“Doing some outdoor drama work is a good idea, though. I’m pleased to see that going ahead.”

The Coronation Hall was also approached for comment.