It's hard to look through the internet without seeing a story or a video about a cat and this phenomenon is nothing new, as their escapades have often been the source of some great stories for The Mail down the years.

A lot of them have been to do with their independent nature sometimes getting the best of them.

That was definitely the case in 1994, when Misty, a chinchilla Persian, escaped from Carol Evans' house on Queen Street, Dalton and spent the next two days touring Cumbria after stowing away under a car bonnet.

The Mail:

The car belonged to window cleaner Gary Doby and unbeknownst to him, he had been driving her around during a family day out to car boot sales and Furness Abbey before finding her the following day 'shaking from head to tail.'

Later that year, Ulverston feline garnered national attention when he reached the final of the first-ever 'Acatemy' awards, which were filmed as part of the TV show 'That's Life.'

The Mail:

Ginger and his owner Jayne Rogers, 11, would have to be content with silver, however, after the seven-year-old moggy travelled down by train to London with mum Lynn for the finals at BAFTA's Piccadilly headquarters.

There was much confusion in 1997 when Tracey Culley, of Byron Street, took home a white cat that she believed to be her own missing pet, Cleo.

The Mail:

However, the almost identical Cleo returned a few days later, leaving Mrs Culley and her husband Paul to wonder whether they had taken in someone else's cat or a stray.