Through the years, The Mail has often been on hand to highlight how Greengate Infant School in Barrow has been willing to move with the times and provide greater resources for their children.

In 1993, a new 'Rainbow Room' was set up at the school for pupils with hearing impairments and both Furness MP John Hutton and mayor of Barrow Cllr Hazel Edwards were able to attend its opening.

The Mail:

The room was officially opened by Cumbria director of education Pat Black, who cut a rainbow of ribbons.

The speech viewer in the room was praised by headteacher Anne Young, who said: "It teaches deaf people to make a noise, which is incredibly difficult to do."

The Mail:

In 1994, the school opened up a new library and pupils were able to mark the occasion by coming in dress up as their favourite literary characters, leading to some memorable costumes - even the teachers got in on the act.

Where else could you find Peter Pan and Robin Hood in the same room, while getting themselves lost in a good book?

The Mail:

Mrs Young, a former synchronised swimmer, decided to set up swimming lessons for her pupils in 1996.

The school's close proximity to the Park Leisure Centre came in handy and four classes of 24 youngsters from years one and two took to its pools.

The Mail:

The lessons cost parents just 50p each and included learning Mrs Young's whistle commands and lying in the water kicking legs.

Deputy head Jennifer Marshall said: "They all came to school with their costumes and could not wait to go."