CALLS are growing to back the campaign to give tougher sentences to those who attack our emergency workers – and rightly so.

Police officers, paramedics, firefighters, hospital staff and many more potentially put their lives on the line for us each time they pull on their uniforms.

They run headlong into situations from which most of us would run away.

In recent months this has never been more evident as they have formed the front line fight of the coronavirus pandemic. So for them to be attacked in the line of duty is utterly unforgivable and sentences need to be hefty enough to deter those who think they can get away with these attacks.

Sadly these attacks are happening on a daily basis across the UK, and those carrying out these crimes need to get a powerful message that it is beyond the pale.

No worker should set out in fear. As a county and as a nation we need to back the calls for tougher sentences and protect anyone serving on the front line.

Instead what these workers should be getting is our respect. You can never know when you or a member of your family or a close friend will need a member of the emergency services.

But when you do, you know they will be there without question, trying to help in any way they can.