I do not belong to any political party but would like to support Philip Griffiths’ (Brexit Party) letter of July 10.

Until the result of the 2016 referendum, robust arguments and actions for staying in the EU were part of the democratic process.

Thereafter, wrecking actions to stay in have been nothing short of the most appalling denial of democracy ever seen in this country.

For die-hard Remainers to use the coronavirus pandemic to thwart democracy puts them in the same category as profiteers in wartime – ‘things may be bad, but I am going to make this work to my advantage’.

If we had not had wrecking actions from Keir Starmer, Gina Miller etc, we would not be in the situation of ‘unfinished business’ regarding our departure from the EU.

Yes, there is going to be a colossal and long-term price to pay for coronavirus … but that price must not include a denial of democracy.

Miss S M Towers

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