AN MP has faced backlash after voting against funding and specialist services for domestic abuse survivors.

Simon Fell, MP for Barrow and Furness, has been criticised for his decision to vote no on clauses attached to the Domestic Abuse Bill, which has passed through the House of Commons.

Mr Fell voted against commissioning specialist domestic abuse services for victims and perpetrators of domestic abuse and providing recourse to public funds for domestic abuse survivors.

However, Mr Fell, alongside all Conservative members, voted for the Domestic Abuse Bill which introduces new clauses to better protect domestic violence victims in the UK.

The bill, which was first introduced a year ago, has moved onto the second reading in the House of Lords.

The Domestic Abuse Bill will further introduce the first legal definition of domestic violence in the UK, recognising children as domestic abuse victims, as well as including coercive and controlling behaviour.

Ulverston Town Councillor, Shirley-Anne Wilson, who has experienced domestic abuse herself, said she was ‘pleased’ the government was honouring a manifesto promise.

Mrs Wilson praised the passing of the bill as ‘very important’.

However, the Labour councillor said she was ‘disappointed’ with Mr Fell’s decision to vote against clauses of the bill.

She said: “I feel very disappointed and let down by Mr Fell’s decision to vote against clauses to this bill.

“There will be many of his of local constituents, both men and women, who are experiencing domestic abuse and it shows a lack of understanding and empathy and I’m not really sure how he can justify his decision.

“Maybe he needs to spend some time with victims and survivors and reflect on his decision.

"The extra resources and statutory regulations in this bill are long overdue and I and many others are sorry he doesn’t see it this way.”

Mr Fell said: “The Bill had universal support from all sides of the House.

“It was agreed that we simply don’t have the evidence base to justify bringing these amendments to law at this stage.

“Instead pilot schemes are being launched to understand more and develop sustainable solutions with the support of the Domestic Abuse Commissioner and charities.”