READERS have reacted to ‘good and bad news’ for Barrow’s high street. A number of shops have sadly closed its doors over a short period of time, but, big plans for the market may breath new life into the town centre.

Joanne Brand said: “There’s nothing to go into town for. They say online shopping has killed the High Street but now you have no option but to buy online. Even M&S is going to be click and collect for clothes.”

John Stephenson said: “Free parking is needed and more High Street shops. currently I’d be willing to guess we have more pawn brokers than we do clothes shops, we have very few decent cafes and bistros considering the size of the town and the decline of the night clubs and pubs has meant there’s not great night life either.”

John Earnshaw said: “Really think you really need to rethink Barrow town centre and take a look at doing something like Bury have done with ‘The Rock’ shopping centre. Modern shops with apartments above, then have an area for restaurants and bars. The layout of Barrow was fine years ago but not now.”

Steve Harris said: “Bury Market has access to a population of 1.8 million people within a 30 minute drive of said market... Barrow has significantly less... Then add in a bad road network, generally poor or unreliable train services... As positive as this is, attracting the numbers to visit sadly requires more that just a market revamp... We have Furness Abbey, Piel, the Zoo, and beautiful countryside. Getting visitors here is the key....”

Tracy Lees said: “Maybe Portland walk could be covered over. Have bars and restaurants that you could sit outside.”

Gill Park said: “I’m sorry the only way to improve the town and increase footfall is to bring in more shops. There’s too many charity shops and fast food shops. We need shops that people need - twice I’ve been to town and come back with hardly anything, it’s poor Barrow.”