A HEALTH and safety support company which has teamed up with an insurance broker is raising awareness of the dangers posed by falling bales on farms.

Neil Elsender, managing director of IRM Safety, which is working with H&H Insurance brokers under the banner of H&H Safety, said: “One of the main dangers of bale handling is being crushed or rolled over by bales, or getting trapped in tractors or other farm machinery when moving them from one place to another.”

Advice which Mr Elsender offers for reducing the likelihood of injury when storing bales includes:

- Ensure stacks of bales are not ‘excessively high’.

- Maintain stacks regularly and rebuild stacks that become unstable.

- Construct stacks with a wide base.

- Ensure there is enough space for tractors, trailers and other vehicles to manoeuvre between bales.

- Build stacks on firm, dry, level and freely-draining ground.

Advice for the transportation of bales includes:

- Do not overload trailers.

- Assess ground conditions and potential contact with overhead power lines.

- Travel at a safe and appropriate speed.

- Make sure bales are secured with straps even over short distances.