A CONTROVERSIAL building project dating back to 2017 is estimated to come to an end in just six months time.

The Blue Light Hub in Ulverston has been given an updated completion date estimation from Cumbria County Council.

A spokesperson for the county council said that the estimated completion date will be January 2021.

This means it would join the recently built Aldi as well as the Marks and Spencer that is expected to be complete at the end of July.

David Webster, town councillor for Ulverston, said: “If that is the completion date that is excellent news. I just wish it could have been sooner without all the bumps in the road.

“For it to get up and running with all those different services in there together would be great though.

“It has been a long road to get there but it will have benefits such as quicker access to the A590 for them.

“I would love for it to mean there would be more police presence in the Ulverston area but I am not sure as that would be up to the chief constable to decide.”

The small business complex is called ‘Beehive Business Park’ situated on the A590 near Daltongate.

Works were delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic back in March, however works resumed again in May which could mean in six months time there will be a new facility for emergency services in south Cumbria.

The works during the height of the pandemic brought about controversy after concerns were raised about whether or not the work should be continuing due to the rules around social distancing.

The development, when complete, will provide emergency service coverage for more than 6,000 people.

The plan was it would also provide facilities for Cumbria police, and office accommodation for Cumbria County Council.

Ground was broken on the site in February 2017 with it expected to open in May 2018 originally.

A dispute between the contractor Aspect Construction and Cumbria County Council saw tools down in August 2018 until a restart in December 2019. The project has brought criticism in the past due to the stop start nature of the work leaving the edge of Ulverston looking an eyesore.