Two members of the same family are sharing Bouquet of the Week for putting other people’s needs before themselves during the COVID-19 lockdown.

Julie Johnson and her daughter Kirbie, both of Newbarns Road in Barrow, both work in the public health sector, putting them on the front line during the pandemic.

Julie, 48, works night shifts as creative support in sheltered housing to keep the place clean and sterile, while 25-year-old Kirbie works as an Assistant Practitioner for Risedale Estates, caring for patients in the dementia ward.

Both had to pretty much isolate themselves from at home when outside of work in order to protect the people they care for and work with during the peak of the outbreak.

Gary Johnson is incredibly proud of the selflessness his wife and daughter have shown in making such a sacrifice over a prolonged period.

He said: “All their life has been for the last 12-13 weeks has been work before self-isolating at home and then waiting to go into work again.

“My daughter would start at, say, quarter-to-eight in the morning and go until eight o’clock at night and then go home, and then on her two days off she couldn’t turn around and say she was off shopping or going to see her nanna.

“They had a briefing at the start, those who work in nursing homes, that they basically had to cut themselves off from the world because of the care work they were doing.”

What Gary has particularly admired is the way Julie and Kirbie have both accepted their situation and adapted to what has been a restricted way of life over the last three months.

He said: “They haven’t even batted an eyelid or whinged, or nothing.

“My wife’s mum has got asbestos on her lungs, so when we went to see her she then had to be self-isolated for 24 hours. She then couldn’t see her because of work and my daughter couldn’t see her nanna. It’s been quite chaotic for them and they’ve never whinged about it.”

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