The Mail has often chronicled village life around Greenodd, a picturesque settlement near Ulverston that provides some natural beauty spots, but one that also gets the worst of the weather thrown at it.

In 1997, Greenodd's Post Office received an award and grant as part of a new national scheme from the Rural Development Commission.

Caroline and Terry Peel were able to purchase a new cash register thanks to the grant, which was presented by Lord Shuttleworth.

The Mail:

Later in the year, a gaping hole suddenly appeared at a picnic beauty spot near the edge of the village that parish councillors worried could be a danger to children.

The hole, just off the A590 and overlooking the Leven Estuary, was first spotted following high tides and was caused by a landslip.

Parish clerk Christine Siddle said of the hole, which was 10ft across and 5ft deep: "I think it is very dangerous, especially for any children playing there if they get hurt."

The Mail:

After two months of nothing being done, The Mail highlighting the problem helped speed up the process of fencing off the hole before it was eventually filled in.

Council chief Dr Geoff Moore said: "We'll know where to come next time we have any problems."