NOW weddings have officially been given the green-light to resume, The Mail is reminiscing on some of its favourite themed weddings, ranging from Peaky Blinders to the casino.

Among these was Sarah Woodall, a teaching assistant and Matthew Caulfield, an electrician, who said ‘I do’ in a gin-and-tea themed ceremony held at the Dunes Hotel in Barrow.

The pair, who both live in Dalton, first met through mutual friends in 2010, who set them up on Facebook.

Mrs Caulfield described the wedding as ‘amazing’ and ‘absolutely perfect’.

“I wish we could just do it all again,” she said.

“Everything went perfect - I remember dancing all night.

"Everyone was just having the best time."

Mrs Caulfield described the wedding as ‘vintage, gin-and-tea themed with a twist’.

“The cake was amazing – it had a theme of G&T with a twist,” Mrs Caulfield said.

“There was gin with cups of tea on the cake because I love tea and gin."

Another wedding-themed favourite was BAE workers, Holly Lloyd and David Thompson who had a Casino-themed reception at the Daffodil Hotel in Grasmere.

Mrs Thompson described the day as an 'absolute whirlwind'.

She said: "We wanted to get married outside but it was raining.

"A special highlight of the day was definitely the casino.

"There were three blackjack tables which everyone really enjoyed.

"It went down a hoot.

"We even had fake money which had the bank of Mr and Mrs Thompson printed on it.

"And the winners received personalised champagne bottles.

"We loved it because it was a quite unique idea."

Finally, Shirley Laurie and John Lyne caught everyone's attention when they decided to tie the knot with a very unique theme: The Peaky Blinders.

The couple, who met on popular dating site Plenty of Fish,tied the knot in a Peaky Blinders 1920s-themed wedding.

The male guests donned flat caps and Tweed suits whilst the women styled flapper dresses and feather boas.

Mrs Lyne said: "I love 1920s fashion. I love Tweed and flapper dresses so thought why not include it in the wedding?

"Most people wore a more formal outfit for the day then changed into a 1920s outfit for the evening do.

"It was absolutely great. Everyone seemed to love it."

Mrs Lyne’s two beloved pugs also played a part in the big day.

“It was absolutely fantastic,” she said.

“It was very blissful and emotional, it was lovely to see my sons there."