Joanne Brand said: "There already are double yellow lines but it doesn't stop people parking on them. There needs to be a permanent traffic warden in Dalton as the parking situation all over the town is awful."

Nicola Park said: "That whole area of Dalton has major parking issues but bollards and double yellow lines won't solve it alone as there is nowhere else for the cars to go. Most houses have a car, some have two and in other households people have a car each and the terraced streets are not built to cope with that. I'm no town planning expert but there must be other towns in similar positions we could look to for potential solutions?"

Helen Macdonald said: "I bet they will put the bollards in the wrong place. I take a coach down this road to access the leisure centre with schools, via Dowdales grounds. It can be a nightmare to get round the corner off market street by the Wellington pub, usually because some idiot has parked a car near the corner or a truck is delivering to the chemists. If they put bollards on that corner there will be a big problem."

Angela Walker said: "They need double yellow at the top of Hollygate Road."

Darryl Bell said: "I think the bollards is a good idea but it won't stop people parking on the double yellows. They need to put double yellows on lots of streets in Dalton but actually enforce a fine. Take Cleator Street for example they lifted the doubles yellows on the market Street end a few years back and now emergency vehicles can't get up that way. Another street with an issue is Chapel Street by the park, yes they have double yellows but its a nightmare especially around school finishing time."

Nicola Dobson said: "The problem with Cleator street is the residents cannot park due to people who work or have more than one vehicle, from other streets they live and can’t park. I agree that it is dangerous at the bottom you can’t get round if someone is coming down the hill either and it is a nightmare for emergency service vehicles."