A KIND-HEARTED Samaritan took in a confused elderly man she found wandering the streets of Ulverston - and made sure he returned home safely.

Amy Parsons, 26, a community support worker from Ulverston, was going to her next client’s house when she spotted a pensioner looking puzzled on Neville Street.

After pulling up and talking to the 87-year-old, she discovered he had just been diagnosed with cancer and wanted to return to his hometown of Ulverston.

Miss Parsons said: “I spotted him on the side of road looking really puzzled and confused and immediately wanted to help.

“There’s no way I could’ve left him there, I have a duty of care.

“I asked him his name and he said he had come from Lancaster on the train and wanted to buy a house here.

“He told me he had just been diagnosed with cancer too.

“My mam lived just over the road so she made him a cut of tea and made sure he was warm.”

Miss Parsons rang the police and made a heartfelt plea on Facebook for any friends or family to come forward.

“I called his doctor and the police who managed to get him a taxi back home,” she said.

“He told me he wanted to visit his childhood home and was determined on moving back to Ulverston today.

“He’d brought back all his belongings and medication to buy a new house.”

Miss Parsons described the man, named Stan Ross, as a ‘really friendly’ man.

“I sat and spoke to him for an hour and a half, he was so friendly,” she said.

“He told me he had no family and used to work on the pipelines.

“He also told me he was friends with Prince Charles apparently and was named after Stan Laurel when he was born. He was very friendly and so grateful to go back home to Lancaster.”

Miss Parsons said it has ‘made her day’ that Mr Ross made it home safely.

She said: “I offered to take him home myself but I was working. I could never have just left him there, it’s made my day knowing he’s back safely.”