Many of the restrictions which have determined how we’ve been able to live our lives were lifted on July 4.

While lockdown isn’t over yet, there are some changes that will bring about a sense of normality, and that may mean getting in the car with your pet to travel further afield as days out and ‘staycations’ are now possible in some parts of the country.

If you’re planning a day trip or holiday in the UK, vet charity PDSA have some top tips on doing this safely with your pet:

* Keep your pet restrained and secure in the car, not only will this keep them safe but it’s also is required by the Highway Code. We recommend using car safety harnesses for medium sized and large dogs, and pet carriers for small dogs and cats. The harness fits around the dog’s chest, back and shoulders, and is then attached to one of the rear safety belts.

* Consider travel time. Lengthy journeys can be stressful for many pets, so keep travel as short as possible, and plan in plenty of rest breaks along the way. If your pet are likely to get stressed, consider staying closer to home.

* Check the temperature in the back of the car. Although most cars have great air conditioning for the front seats, the back seat or boot can heat up very quickly and can become dangerously warm for your pet, especially if they are in a carrier.

* Make sure you put your dog on the lead before you open the car doors and get them in and out of the car on the pavement side. To prevent eye injuries and accidents, don’t let your dog put its head out of the window.

* Carry plenty of drinking water and a bowl, even on short journeys and stop frequently so they can go to the toilet and stretch their legs in the fresh air.

* If your pet suffers from travel sickness, try not to feed them just before you leave. Offer them a small meal hours before the journey, then they can eat properly once you arrive.